Publications on dragged ether

Publications on dragged ether

When you are inter­ested in physics you must read “Unbe­liev­able”!

The sci­en­tific jour­nal Galilean Elec­tro­dy­nam­ics (GED) accepted for pub­li­ca­tion the fol­low­ing arti­cles endors­ing Dragged Ether:

Stel­lar Aber­ra­tion and the Unjus­ti­fied Denial of Ether (PDF-​file)
Galilean Elec­tro­dy­nam­ics 16, 7577 July/​August 2005

The Equiv­a­lence of Kinetic and Mag­netic Energy (PDF-​file)
Galilean Elec­tro­dy­nam­ics 17, 110114 November/​December 2006

Ether and the Deriva­tion of Planck’s Con­stant (PDF-​file)
Galilean Elec­tro­dy­nam­ics 20, 2331 March/​April 2009

When you are interested in physics you must read “Unbelievable“!

The scientific journal Galilean Electrodynamics (GED) accepted for publication the following articles endorsing Dragged Ether:

Stellar Aberration and the Unjustified Denial of Ether (PDF-file)
Galilean Electrodynamics 16, 75-77 July/August 2005

The Equivalence of Kinetic and Magnetic Energy (PDF-file)
Galilean Electrodynamics 17, 110-114 November/December 2006

Ether and the Derivation of Planck’s Constant (PDF-file)
Galilean Electrodynamics 20, 23-31 March/April 2009